Finding Your Style

How Do You Know What Your Style Is?

Do you remember as a little girl shopping with your trendy mom or a fashionable aunt? I do! I remember shopping with my mom and watching her so anxiously and excitingly open her bags as soon as she gets home. She could not wait to try on her new outfit for the fourth time just to admire how nice it fits and look on her. After prancing in the new dress she turns to me and asks me, "what do I think"?Of course I love everything about my mom. I develop my personal style by watching my mom evolve into a fashion guru. How do you know what your style is? If you are not sure, here are five ways to help you discover it.

1. Look to your own closet. Think about what you have that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident.

2. Find what inspires you. ( think about something or someone that influences you or have similar personality).

3. Mix some of your favorite pieces

4. Don't be afraid to mix your favorite colors, textures and patterns to create a look.

5. Try thrift shops to purchase pieces you'll want to sample. This is a savvy way to buy and discord of any pieces you may not want. Keep the cost down.


These are simple tips to helping you find your style. It's no right or wrong answer, just do you.